How to Create a Support Ticket

RuralServer offers several ways to receive support, including over the phone, live chat and support tickets (email). While many common issues can be handled through live chat or over the phone, some issues are more appropriately handled by creating a support ticket.

There are three (3) ways to create a ticket. Feel free to choose whichever method is most convenient for you:

Option 1: Create a Ticket in RuralServer Client area

This is also a preferred method in most situations.

  1. Log into:
    • If you forgot your password, you can request it using the Forgot Password link.

Option 2: Email Us

Another easy way to create a ticket is to email us.

  • for affiliate related questions
  • for product inquires
  • for general inquires
  • For billing, support, security or migrations issues, please create a ticket using our RuralServer Client Area (option 1).

For faster service, it is suggested that you email the department most closely related to your issue; however, if you email the wrong department, we will make sure your ticket gets redirected to the appropriate place.

Option 3: Live Chat or Telephone

In most cases, if an issue cannot be resolved on your phone call or chat session, an agent can create a ticket for you.

Although an agent can create tickets for most issues, there are some types of tickets (such as feedback, affiliate questions, user/website complaints, order forms, etc.) that cannot be created by phone or chat technicians and must be submitted directly by the customer via email, RuralServer Client Area.

Additional Notes

Ticket ID

Every ticket created is assigned a ticket ID (ticket number).


RuralServer is committed to protecting your account and your personal information. Therefore, we can only offer basic help and general information without verifying who you are.

If your ticket involves making changes to your hosting account or discussing confidential information, we must confirm that you are the account holder or someone authorized to act upon the account. If you submit the ticket through the Client Area, your identity is automatically verified since you had to log in to submit the ticket. If you submit a ticket any other way (such as email, online form or through an agent), we will request that you verify your identity.

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