How Do I Upgrade My Account to a Better Plan?

You may upgrade at any time. There is no contract to keep you in your plan.

The steps you will take to upgrade depend on the account to which you'd like to upgrade.

Shared & Reseller

Shared Web Hosting to Shared Web Hosting
Shared Web Hosting to Reseller Hosting*
Reseller Hosting to Reseller Hosting

To upgrade, please submit your request using our support ticket. This request is a ticket, and all tickets will be addressed in the order in which they are received.

You will be billed a prorated amount for the remainder of the month at the time of the upgrade.

Example: If you currently pay $9.95 a month for the Basic plan and want to upgrade to the Unlimited plan. If you were half way into your billing cycle, you would only be billed  for the new plan for the current month. You will be billed the full next month.

*Additional Notes about Upgrading from Shared to Reseller

When upgrading accounts from a Shared plan to a Reseller plan, we will move the account with the addon domains intact. In addition, we can convert up to 30 addon domains into individual cPanel accounts upon request. To request some or all of your addon domains to be converted to their own cPanel accounts after you upgrade, please send your request to our support team support ticket to request this. Be sure to specify which addon domains you want converted into their own cPanel in the "Instructions" section.

This type of transfer is considered an inter-server transfer or inter-server upgrade.

Windows Shared to Windows Shared

Please support ticketto our Billing department to upgrade.


To upgrade to a higher level of VPS, please submit your request using our support ticket. This request is a ticket, and all tickets will be addressed in the order in which they are received.

Please contact our billing department via support ticket to modify settings but stay on the same VPS Level. If you are adding cPanel to your VPS, we leave the old container active so you can transfer files to the new container. You must cancel the old container when you are finished with the transfer process.

Any Type of Account to VPS or Dedicated Server

You cannot use the upgrade form if you wish to upgrade to a VPS or dedicated server, or from one dedicated server to another. Instead, please order the new dedicated server online, request your support ticket, change the DNS for your domains and then close the old hosting account.

Remember: Do NOT cancel your hosting accounts until you have changed DNS and thoroughly inspected your site to ensure everything was transferred properly. The last step will always be to cancel the old hosting accounts.
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